Sunday, August 2, 2015

August is here!

Dear McKelvie Families ~

I cannot believe it is already August.  With this recent heatwave, I am doing my best to savor the moments with sun, family, and friends.  With that said, however, we have been very busy at McKelvie preparing for the school year.  Below are some summer updates for you.

Entrance into the Building
If you require access to McKelvie, please enter on the County Road side of the building.  We have an easel posted to let you know if the entrance is through the Gym doors or the Canopy.

Teacher Assignments
On Wednesday, August 5th the Tech Department will be sending you an email to complete your child's InfoSnap registration.  Upon completion, your child's pod placement will be revealed.  Honestly, while your child did not know their teacher on the last day, the extra time has proven invaluable for planning purposes. Note: We published August 4th as the date in late spring. My apologies, that date was an estimation.

Supply Lists
If you purchased the Supply Packs through the Bedford PTG (Parent Teacher Group), you are all set. If you opted to purchase your own supplies, teachers will have their supply lists posted on their web sites on August 5th.

Class Lists
In an effort to help students feel comfortable, I will post class lists on the Bulletin Board outside the Main Office on August 5th.  While I would like to make this more convenient (online) - I also want to respect the privacy of students.  As a result, posting online would make the lists available to the world - which I would prefer not to do. :)

Grade 6 Math Packet
What?!  There is a 6th grade Math Packet?  Yes, there is!  If your child neglected to share this information with you, it is not too late.  August is a great time to start picking away at some of the concepts in the packet.  While it is not required, it is highly encouraged.  If memory serves, students who complete the packet receive a homework pass from their teacher.  Click here for a copy or stop by the Main Office for one.

School Construction
As you may have noticed, the traffic pattern and drainage project is coming along quite nicely.  Prior to the start of school, I will upload a simple map that demonstrates drop off for everyone and pick up for students with last names A-J (K-Z is already posted on the school web site).

After School Care
If you are looking for after school care or would simply like something in place for an emergency, please register your child for New Morning School's After School Program.  Registration is easy and you only pay when you use it.  Please call 669-3591 to learn more.

As August 27th gets closer, I will send out more information on the first day of school, how to get ready, and where to go.  We are anxious to see your kids and will make sure the first day is as stress free as possible!

My Best,

Michael Fournier, Principal

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