Monday, August 31, 2015

Grade 6 Open House

Dear Grade 6 Families ~
This email is to confirm that the Grade 6 Parent Night will be held next Wednesday, September 9th from6pm to 7pm.  Below are details relevant to your child's pod.
Mueller/Ramsey - Meet in Room 2
Oliveira/Ouellette/Rushia - Meet in your child's classroom (homeroom)
Allen/Mail/Waldman - Meet in the Library
Crowell/Geddes/Steere - Meet in the GYM
Boppel/Burke/Thornton - Meet in the Cafe
Any questions should be directed to your child's teacher.
*If your child participates in the SUCCESS Program, you are invited to meet with Mrs. Kemp in Room #3 at5:30pm.
Michael Fournier, Princpal

Friday, August 28, 2015


Dear McKelvie Families ~

Two days under our belt - 178 to go!  Your kids are terrific!  Despite the warm building, they have been upbeat and enthusiastic.  I suspect they may sleep a little more this weekend too.  That is a good thing as next week is five full days.  This week's update:

If you have not updated the school nurse with your child's immunizations, please do so.  Click here for relevant information.  Questions can be directed to Nurse Ruby at

Clubs & Intramural Activities
We have not started Clubs or Activities yet.  Next Friday, we will post relevant information for each club and activity.  Stay tuned!

Pick Up Reminder
Just a reminder that the school day starts at 8:50am.  Pick up is at 3:15 - that is the time we dismiss.  All drop off and pick up procedures are on the web.

Parent Nights
Grade 6 - Wednesday, September 9th @ 6pm - parents only
Grade 5 - We recently learned that there is a conflict with the Lurgio 8th grade night.  As a result, both schools are collaborating to solve this dilemma.  So, TBD.

McKelvie Chorus
Chorus meets Thursday mornings at 8:00am in the music room. Our first rehearsal will be Thursday, September 17th. Please click here to see Mrs. Coughlin's website for more information and to sign up.

For Current 6th Grade Students
Were you disappointed that you forgot to order a 2014/15 school yearbook?  Due to the high demand, we ordered some extra books over the summer and currently have 18 available for sale on a first come, first served basis.  If you'd like to purchase a terrific book of memories from last school year, please bring $20 cash or check (made payable to McKelvie Intermediate School) to the main office.

If you have not completed InfoSnap, please do so ASAP.  Questions can be directed to Sharon Goodwin at

Have a wonderful weekend,

Michael Fournier
McKelvie Intermediate School
108 Liberty Hill Road
Bedford, NH 03110
603.472.3951 (W)
603.472.4503 (F)
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Thursday, August 27, 2015


Dear McKelvie Families ~

I hope this email finds you well on the last official day of summer vacation for the kids.  I suspect you are working out lunch details, picking out school clothes, and packing supplies (unless you ordered the PTG Supply Pack, of course).  For the night before school, I have some advice.

Being Nervous
It is completely normal (and healthy) to be nervous before school starts.  A few helpful hints to help ease your child:
  • The grown-ups are nervous too. 
  • Most kids get nervous - they are not alone.
  • Kids can often read our anxiety.  Boost their confidence by telling them that they will be totally fine and will have a GREAT day!
  • Have a healthy breakfast, a kiss on the cheek, and an "atta-boy" on the way to the bus or at drop off.
Dress Code
After a summer of short, shorts and bathing suits, this can be a challenge.  Follow these simple guidelines, and you will be all set:
  • Shorts: If your child puts their hands by their side and they touch material with their fingertips, they are good to go!
  • All shoulder straps should be 1" or wider.  No bra straps showing, please.
  • No bellies, backsides, or chest should be showing.
Bus Schedules
It's the first week of school, don't worry if your child's bus is a little late.  Bus drivers take a little extra time to make sure every child knows what to do and where to get off.  If your child's bus is later than 15 minutes, call the school or the terminal at: 668-6651.

School Supplies
If your child is taking a World Language, those supplies are separate from the PTG Pack. Go to the teacher web site to find out what they will need.  Not to worry, it's common for kids to get their supplies a day or two into school.

If you have not completed InfoSnap, please do so.  Your child cannot access any technology without your permission, which is in InfoSnap.

Pick Up (3:15 Dismissal)
If your child is taking the bus home, that is by far the easiest way to receive your child after school.  However, if you are picking up, please remember:

Last Names K-Z = County Road side of building

Michael Fournier
McKelvie Intermediate School
108 Liberty Hill Road
Bedford, NH 03110
603.472.3951 (W)
603.472.4503 (F)
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Friday, August 21, 2015

6 days left...

Dear McKelvie Families ~

I hope this email finds you well rested and enjoying the summer!  If you have driven by McKelvie lately, you will notice that we have not stopped working to finish summer projects both inside and outside of the building!  We are hard at work to get everything complete by August 27th!

If your family is like mine, we are beginning to think about the start of school and all that it entails (new clothes, school supplies, summer math packet, etc...).  To ease the anxious minds of students (and their parents), I have included some helpful information below:

When is the first day of school for students?
The first day is Tuesday, August 27th

What do I do if my child did not receive or misplaced their supply list(s)?
There are 2 options for you.  The first is to check your child's homeroom teacher's web site.  Many have their lists posted there.  The second option is to stop by the school - we have copies in the Main Office.  If you purchased a PTG Supply Pack, you are ALL SET!

What time does school start?
School starts at 8:50am.  Busses start arriving on campus at 8:20am and drop students off on the playground where they will meet their friends and teachers. Students who are getting a ride to school can be dropped of starting at 8:25 on the Liberty Hill side of the building. Click here for our arrival map.

Is there a Before School Program?
Yes! If you would like to drop off your child between 7:30am and 8:20am, please click here to register.

How will my child know what to do/where to go once they get to school?
We will have 28 cones set up on the playground where students can place their backpack and supplies.  Each cone will have a teacher's name (homeroom) and room number. Teachers will be available to greet their students.

What happens if my child has a question or needs something?
There will be plenty of adults on the playground with homeroom lists.  They know that kids on the first day of school can be anxious, so they have a smile on their face and will answer any and all questions.  Also - your child's teacher will meet them and they will walk into the building together.

Do parents stay with their kids and wait for the bell?
No.  From time to time we have a mom or dad lingering on the playground (not usually though).  If you think that will be you, please walk up to a teacher and identify yourself so that they know you are safe to be there.

Should I pack a snack or water for my child?
Absolutely.  Teachers will designate a snack time.  The lunch/recess block for 5th grade is 12:00 - 12:50.  The lunch/recess block for 6th grade is 12:50 - 1:40.  If your child forgets a water bottle, we have drinking fountains and water bottles for $1.

When does school end?
School ends at 3:15.  All students are assumed to be taking the bus unless we are notified otherwise (via a note).  We will dismiss students who are being picked up FIRST, followed by bus dismissal.
- Students being picked up with last name beginning with A-J = will exit the FRONT (Liberty Hill)
- Students being picked up with last name beginning with K-Z = will exit the SIDE (County Road)
*You may park and walk your child to the car OR, your child can walk to you.  We will have teachers on duty to monitor students walking to their car.

Is there an After School Program?
Yes!  New Morning School operates an after school program at our facility that runs from the end of the school day until 5:45pm.  Click here to learn about the program and how to register your child.  

How can I access the nurse if my child has medical needs?
We have a full time BSN on site (Nurse Ruby).  She will be available on August 24th, 25th, & 26th to answer questions, receive medication, and schedule trainings.  Feel free to leave her a message at 472-3951 ext. 2214.

Is there a Meet & Greet at McKelvie?
No.  McKelvie does not have a Meet & Greet like the elementary schools.  You will notice that the district gradually makes changes as your child moves from school to school.  These changes help to foster independence and allow students (and their parents) to experience new situations in a safe and welcoming environment.

How do I find out my child's bus number/bus schedule?
Local bus routes are currently available on the district web site. Click here to see them.

When will I know about Clubs & Activities?
We generally advertise Clubs and Activities at the end of the 2nd week of school. Clubs and Activities will be announced on Friday, September 11th.

Important Dates:
Grade 5 Open House: Tuesday, September 8th 
Grade 6 Open House: Wednesday, September 9th

Special Note:  If you will be picking up your child at the end of  the day, please review our Arrival and Dismissal Procedures under School Info. on our web site.

Enjoy what is left of this summer!  See you on August 27th!

Michael Fournier
McKelvie Intermediate School
108 Liberty Hill Road
Bedford, NH 03110
603.472.3951 (W)
603.472.4503 (F)

Sunday, August 2, 2015

August is here!

Dear McKelvie Families ~

I cannot believe it is already August.  With this recent heatwave, I am doing my best to savor the moments with sun, family, and friends.  With that said, however, we have been very busy at McKelvie preparing for the school year.  Below are some summer updates for you.

Entrance into the Building
If you require access to McKelvie, please enter on the County Road side of the building.  We have an easel posted to let you know if the entrance is through the Gym doors or the Canopy.

Teacher Assignments
On Wednesday, August 5th the Tech Department will be sending you an email to complete your child's InfoSnap registration.  Upon completion, your child's pod placement will be revealed.  Honestly, while your child did not know their teacher on the last day, the extra time has proven invaluable for planning purposes. Note: We published August 4th as the date in late spring. My apologies, that date was an estimation.

Supply Lists
If you purchased the Supply Packs through the Bedford PTG (Parent Teacher Group), you are all set. If you opted to purchase your own supplies, teachers will have their supply lists posted on their web sites on August 5th.

Class Lists
In an effort to help students feel comfortable, I will post class lists on the Bulletin Board outside the Main Office on August 5th.  While I would like to make this more convenient (online) - I also want to respect the privacy of students.  As a result, posting online would make the lists available to the world - which I would prefer not to do. :)

Grade 6 Math Packet
What?!  There is a 6th grade Math Packet?  Yes, there is!  If your child neglected to share this information with you, it is not too late.  August is a great time to start picking away at some of the concepts in the packet.  While it is not required, it is highly encouraged.  If memory serves, students who complete the packet receive a homework pass from their teacher.  Click here for a copy or stop by the Main Office for one.

School Construction
As you may have noticed, the traffic pattern and drainage project is coming along quite nicely.  Prior to the start of school, I will upload a simple map that demonstrates drop off for everyone and pick up for students with last names A-J (K-Z is already posted on the school web site).

After School Care
If you are looking for after school care or would simply like something in place for an emergency, please register your child for New Morning School's After School Program.  Registration is easy and you only pay when you use it.  Please call 669-3591 to learn more.

As August 27th gets closer, I will send out more information on the first day of school, how to get ready, and where to go.  We are anxious to see your kids and will make sure the first day is as stress free as possible!

My Best,

Michael Fournier, Principal