Thursday, August 27, 2015


Dear McKelvie Families ~

I hope this email finds you well on the last official day of summer vacation for the kids.  I suspect you are working out lunch details, picking out school clothes, and packing supplies (unless you ordered the PTG Supply Pack, of course).  For the night before school, I have some advice.

Being Nervous
It is completely normal (and healthy) to be nervous before school starts.  A few helpful hints to help ease your child:
  • The grown-ups are nervous too. 
  • Most kids get nervous - they are not alone.
  • Kids can often read our anxiety.  Boost their confidence by telling them that they will be totally fine and will have a GREAT day!
  • Have a healthy breakfast, a kiss on the cheek, and an "atta-boy" on the way to the bus or at drop off.
Dress Code
After a summer of short, shorts and bathing suits, this can be a challenge.  Follow these simple guidelines, and you will be all set:
  • Shorts: If your child puts their hands by their side and they touch material with their fingertips, they are good to go!
  • All shoulder straps should be 1" or wider.  No bra straps showing, please.
  • No bellies, backsides, or chest should be showing.
Bus Schedules
It's the first week of school, don't worry if your child's bus is a little late.  Bus drivers take a little extra time to make sure every child knows what to do and where to get off.  If your child's bus is later than 15 minutes, call the school or the terminal at: 668-6651.

School Supplies
If your child is taking a World Language, those supplies are separate from the PTG Pack. Go to the teacher web site to find out what they will need.  Not to worry, it's common for kids to get their supplies a day or two into school.

If you have not completed InfoSnap, please do so.  Your child cannot access any technology without your permission, which is in InfoSnap.

Pick Up (3:15 Dismissal)
If your child is taking the bus home, that is by far the easiest way to receive your child after school.  However, if you are picking up, please remember:

Last Names K-Z = County Road side of building

Michael Fournier
McKelvie Intermediate School
108 Liberty Hill Road
Bedford, NH 03110
603.472.3951 (W)
603.472.4503 (F)
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